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Why is PUBG so Popular?

Battle royale games have taken the world by storm over the course of the past decade, but a few of these games stand apart from the competition. PUBG is one of these titles, but have you ever stopped and wondered what makes PUBG such a better choice than other games with similar gameplay? Let’s explore what makes PUBG so popular.

Being One of the First Battle Royale Games

Battle royales rose to prominence around the time that PUBG was first released, and being one of the first games in the genre naturally made this game more popular. In fact, PUBG helped spur on the development of competing battle royale games because of its immense popularity, pushing the genre forward.

Games like PUBG are addictive because they eschew the usual formula that you’d expect to see in a shooter game. While team-based games are still a lot of fun, they get a little stale if you’ve been playing them for a while.

On the other hand, battle royale games offer higher stakes, making your heart pound when you’re one of the last players alive. A battle royale can make you feel alive like no other game can.

Its Realistic Gameplay

However, there are many other battle royale games out there, and not all of them are as popular worldwide as PUBG. One of the things that sets PUBG apart from its competitors is that the game features exceptionally realistic gameplay such as the ability to kill an enemy with a few shots.

Games like Escape From Tarkov have gotten by purely because of how realistic their gameplay is, and it’s much the same for PUBG. Since the game is realistic, you can truly feel the high stakes, and combining that with the classic gameplay of a battle royale makes everything much more intense.

This is also what leads to players using hacks in PUBG, since the game is much less forgiving, hacks are more powerful. Something like an aimbot or an ESP can give you a considerable advantage when you can knock out an opponent with relative ease.


Streaming has become one of the best ways to spread the word about a game, and PUBG was one of the first games that was popularized largely because of streamers. People love interacting with streamers and seeing what they’re playing, so naturally they’ll also flock to the game after they see it being played.

Amount of Content

PUBG has seen many updates since it was released, and the game has seen the addition of new maps, new weapons, and a bunch of other content. PUBG is also being constantly updated to ensure that the game is balanced while also adding new mechanics like the ability to pick up downed teammates.


While the game may not seem like the best-looking battle royale now, PUBG’s graphics were on the cutting edge when the game was first released, making it much more immersive and heightening the fear of getting caught out in the open.


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