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What Are PUBG Hacks & Cheats and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 6, 2022


Battle royale games are known for their chaotic action, intense squad on squad gameplay, and nail-biting 1 v 1 standoffs. No matter what kind of gameplay you want from a competitive shooter, you’ll find it in a battle royale. There’s a reason that this genre has taken off so quickly in recent years. Every franchise wants a piece of the pie and is desperate for your attention.

Knowing that it’s kind of funny that the most popular battle royale is still the original that started the craze. Player Unknowns’ Battlegrounds' has been purchased 75 million times across a number of different platforms. 

Needless to say, its momentum is showing no signs of stopping. With new maps, events, and of course new cosmetics announced and planned for throughout 2022, now has never been a better time to jump into PUBG.

With a game that has been around for so long though, you might be worried about starting from scratch compared to people who have been playing since its launch in March 2017 - that’s over 5 years of practice they’ve had over you.

While we agree that this shouldn’t stop you from trying, and should motivate you to get better at PUBG…it can be embarrassing and frustrating to never survive past the top 5 people of a match because you’re seen as an easy target. The reason so many of these players can progress so quickly is that they target newbies. They’re the predators, and you’re easy prey. 

However, we have the secret to flipping the food chain - PUBG hacks and cheats can help you go from the dominated to the dominator in a matter of minutes. This is your ultimate guide to PUBG hacks, how to use them, how they work, and a summary of the hottest PUBG hacks available right now.

PUBG Hacks Features

  • Loot ESP: Optimize your time on the map by having an instant guide to the best ammo, weapons, and armor. Filter the items by rarity or distance for the fastest looting. 
  • Radar Hack: See the situation at a glance by knowing the location of enemies around you, and see when they’re approaching. 
  • No Bullet Spread: Hate missing your shots for no reason? So do we. With our hacks, you can disable bullet spread for all weapons in PUBG, and start using what feels fun rather than what’s meta. 


Why use PUBG Hacks?


Life isn’t fair. That’s why people play video games - to help them relax and feel good. So when even video games aren’t fair, it’s easy to become disillusioned with them as a whole. People like PUBG because it gives them the feeling of being a god and being skilled…until you start to lose. 

Losing once can quickly put you in a downward spiral of losing and losing…until you give up, and quit the game. Why should you keep playing something that isn’t fun, after all? 

Most hacks for PUBG are focused around this - making the game fun again. Of course, hacks can do this by making it easier to win games. Giving you that slight edge you need to augment your skills and keep placing high or even winning matches consistently.

But PUBG hacks can even make losing fun. Losing becomes a learning experience rather than an anger-inducing one. Hacks can allow you to stay alive for those few minutes longer, allowing you to see why you died and helping you to improve this in the future. 

The reason that people use PUBG hacks isn’t to make other players' experience worse; it’s to make their own experience better. Every player is different, and everyone has fun in different ways. The developers of PUBG can’t accommodate every single person's way of playing…which is why hacks can do this for them. 


How do PUBG Hacks work?

PUBG hacks can either be run as a standalone program or attached to a cheat loader. Using a cheat loader for your PUBG hacks is highly recommended for a few reasons. It is often the easiest way to use the hacks, as all of the options are condensed and presented in an easy-to-understand way.

It also allows you to use different hacks together, as the loader handles the compatibility for you. Finally, a cheat loader is safer than standalone programs as it manages your cheats and does not need them to interact with your PC outside of what the loader requires. 

Depending on the type of PUBG hack you are using it will depend on how the hack works. It’s important to understand how PUBG itself works before understanding how the hacks work. In online games, there is a client and a server. The client is the game that you use, the application that you launch to play the game. Many of our PUBG hacks have different features like aimbot, esp, wallhack, no recoil, radar hacks & hwid spoofers built in.

PUBG Hacks can either change your client in such a way that things appear differently for you, or it can change the communication between the client and the server to make the game think that certain things are happening in a certain way. 


Are PUBG Hacks Safe?


Being conscious of the safety of the PUBG hacks that you use is always smart, as you should only download applications onto your system that you 100% trust. We’re proud to say that our PUBG hacks are completely safe to use, and are thoroughly scanned for malware, adware, cryptoware and more. We only use private builds to keep you the most protected from detections.

In regards to being detected for using PUBG hacks, our developers have an intimate understanding of PUBG anti-cheat systems. This allows them to develop hacks that cannot be detected by these systems, and have a very small risk of leading to your account being banned.


Best Hacks for PUBG 



Your journey into the world of PUBG hacks starts here - and you can trust PrivateCheatz to give you the best possible experience. Make sure to pick up a HWID spoofer to use with your PUBG hacks, to protect your system in the case that your hacks are detected!

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