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What Are PUBG Mobile Hacks & Cheats and How Do They Work?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 6, 2022


Mobile games usually aren’t the first choice for a battle royale, competitive shooter game. A combination of unreliable server connections and difficult controls have given the mobile shooter genre a bad reputation. However, this all changed when PUBG mobile was released. The game quickly became the epitome of what a portable shooter should be, and has quickly become one of the most popular mobile games ever released.

PUBG Mobile has been downloaded over 700 million times and remains one of the most popular games in the USA. It brings everything that fans love about PUBG to a portable form factor and even has unique events and skins. It’s easier than ever to get your battle royale action on the go.

As good as PUBG mobile is, it still comes with a lot of the difficulties that plague mobile games. This includes the controls, the player base, and other things that can detract from your experience. Getting into PUBG mobile and trying it for the first time comes with a steep learning curve if you’re coming from a PC. 

There are options for you to emulate PUBG mobile on a computer, but even this has growing pains. Thankfully, you can make the transition much smoother using PUBG hacks & cheats. Using cheats for PUBG is slightly more complex than other online games, but we’re here to help you every step of the way. Keep reading for everything you need to know about PUBG hacks.


PUBG mobile Hacks Features

  • High UI Customization: ESP hacks for PUBG mobile allow you to change the color of enemies, the information displayed about them, and more - this allows a fully unique and personal game experience. 
  • Framerate Optimization and Improvement: Use PUBG hacks to hide parts of the environment or even other players. Perfect for players with lower-end systems that want to be able to run the game at a comfortable FPS. 
  • Enemy Hitbox Visibility: Show where exactly your enemy's head zone is, allowing you to deal maximum damage with every shot. 


Why use PUBG mobile Hacks?


PUBG Mobile is a game with a low skill floor, but a high skill ceiling. This means that anyone can pick up and play the game, but it takes practice and effort to do so at a high level. Games that have a low skill floor but a high skill ceiling have large player bases, but at the professional levels of gameplay, they have difficult, drawn-out, and intense matches. It’s the best of both worlds.

Making the transition from one side of this player base to the other takes consistency, commitment, and a high level of skill. Many of these things are hard to achieve unless you’ve been playing PUBG mobile since its initial launch. It’s even harder if you’re a normal adult with a job and other responsibilities. You probably just want a game that you can pick up and play while having fun and getting kills.

Hacks enable you to be your very best when playing PUBG mobile. Every game you load into while using hacks is a rewarding experience...mostly because our hacks enable you to survive more than a couple of minutes.

We have hacks for every type of PUBG mobile player, from the complete beginner to the experienced veteran. Our hacks are designed to complement your skills and make up for your weak points. 


How do PUBG mobile Hacks work?

It should be noted that PUBG mobile hacks will only work on PC. Because there’s no way to download PUBG mobile on Windows, you will need to run the game through an android emulator. This is easy to do, but make sure to check if your PC is compatible with emulation. You will need a decent graphics card, and some emulators require you to enable CPU virtualization for the best performance. 

Once you’re all set up to play PUBG mobile, using our hacks is as easy as ever. Simply purchase the hack you want, and then follow the link we send you to download our PUBG cheat loader. This is the software that you will use to enable, disable, and configure your hacks. 

Our PUBG hacks interact with the game to do things such as remove recoil, give you infinite ammo, and other features. There are some ways to use hacks on mobile devices, which is through the use of modified APKs for PUBG mobile. 

This method of hacking is very insecure, however, as the developers can easily limit your online access if they detect you are using a modded APK.  It’s also difficult to find a trustworthy APK mod unless you’re able to make one yourself. 


Are PUBG Mobile Hacks Safe?

By emulating PUBG mobile and running hacks through your PC, you can ensure that you’re getting the safest experience possible. Our hacks are made by developers that are known and trusted by the PUBG mobile hacking community, and we won’t sell you any hacks that don’t pass our stringent safety and quality checks. 

Emulation also means that it is more difficult to be detected by the PUBG anti-cheat. The most common reason that people are banned from hacking is for using obvious, malicious hacks such as invincibility. As long as you use hacks safely and sensibly, there is a very low chance of being banned.

For extra peace of mind, we recommend picking up an HWID spoofer. This will protect you from a system ban if the worst were to happen, and it can even help you to overcome any system bans that you’ve already had for PUBG mobile. 


Best Hacks for PUBG mobile 

Hyperion hack for PUBG Mobile: The ultimate PUBG mobile hack, only available from PrivateCheatz. This hack features an enemy and loots ESP, A very good wallhack with color customization, powerful radard hack, a strong aimbot with no recoil, including a knocked detector, and more. It’s also a stream-proof hack, and it can’t be detected by OBS or other display capturing software. It also is a private built to keep you undetected from anticheats.



PUBG mobile hacks are the best way to get good quick at this action-packed, portable battle royale. Check out our PUBG mobile hacks, or take a look at our hacks for PUBG for PC. Remember, you can talk to our customer service 24/7, 365 days a year with any questions about PUBG mobile hacks. 

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