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When Will an HWID Spoofer Help?

By Tom Capper – Last Updated: June 7, 2022


If you’ve never hacked before, you may be surprised by some of the tools that you have available to ensure that you don’t get countered by anti-cheat. An HWID spoofer is one of these tools, and if you’re wondering what one will be able to do for you, then this is the blog post that you should read.


Preventing a Hardware Ban in the First Place

One of the best ways to use an HWID spoofer is as a preemptive measure to ensure that your computer doesn’t end up getting hardware banned from the game that you love. Since an HWID spoofer allows you to mask the true HWID of your computer, then the game won’t be able to hardware ban you.

Instead of banning your computer’s actual HWID, it will ban the spoofed HWID that your spoofer had assigned to your computer. You can either get a new HWID spoofer or change the HWID on the spoofer that you’re currently using and you can continue playing the game safely.

Of course, an HWID spoofer won’t prevent your account from getting banned, so the items that you purchased and the stats that you accrued using your cheats may end up getting lost regardless. All an HWID spoofer makes sure of is your ability to keep playing on the same computer if you get caught hacking.

Most players don’t end up using an HWID spoofer before they get caught and they end up paying the price for it. Most of the time, it’s because these players don’t even know that they may end up getting hardware banned from a game if they get caught, but this practice is growing in popularity in the cheat prevention community.


Letting You Get Around a Hardware Ban

If a player didn’t have the foresight to use an HWID spoofer to prevent themselves from getting hardware banned in the first place, all is not lost. Hardware bans can be circumvented using an HWID spoofer, even if the computer that the spoofer is running on has had its actual HWID banned.

The main thing that you have to be sure of is that your HWID spoofer is active before you log into the game that you intend to play. Failing to do so will simply get you booted from the game because of your existing hardware ban. This means that it’s absolutely necessary to use your HWID spoofer from this point on.

If a game is made by the same developer as a game that you’re already hardware banned from, there’s a good chance that your computer will also be hardware banned from that one. You may also end up having to use your spoofer on subsequent titles in the game’s series because of how info on known cheaters is saved and shared.

All of this goes to show that it’s a good idea to use an HWID spoofer before you ever get yourself caught, though a spoofer can still be used as an emergency measure, if necessary.


Best Games to Use an HWID Spoofer

  • Fortnite:Because Fortnite is so popular, it needs to take a harsh stance against hackers to set an example. If you’re caught cheating in Fortnite, there’s a high risk of being HWID banned. 
  • PUBG: PUBG has a history of using system bans against hackers without mercy - if you’re going to hack in PUBG, it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. 
  • Valorant: The anti-cheat in Valorant is one of the most advanced systems there is, Prepare for anything by installing an HWID spoofer. We have a HWID Spoofer just for valorant
  • EFT: You will 100% need a HWID spoofer for eft when using EFT cheats without a doubt.
  • Apex: Many of our Apex cheats come with a HWID spoofer, but you will want a more private one like the V2 spoofer.
  • Vanguard: Our v2 spoofer works great for Vanguard.
  • DayZ: DayZ used BattlEye, choose the v2 spoofer when hacking on DayZ.
  • Overwatch: it’s better to be safe rather than sorry. Use a HWID spoofer when using Overwatch hacks!
  • : Playing with hacks, as they use BattlEye you are going to want to use a spoofer to keep safe!
  • Rust: When using rust hacks you will need a HWID spoofer, because EAC is one of the most advanced anticheats!


PrivateCheatz HWID Spoofer

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